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Evernote – Pfeiffer Desktop Collection

In the world of office organization at some point in time you cross over from organizing and systematizing everything to how to store it all. And if you want to learn the first thing about me then yes in my mind “Looks Do Matter.” In my mind beautiful things pull everything together – walking into your office and seeing beautiful things that are also useful are the next best thing when it comes to your office / work space if you want to keep things tidy in the long run.

I want you to use your imagination for just a moment – if you are sitting in your office right now, take a look around and think about how does it make you feel? How about dreaming up a work space that incorporates useful items that are also beautiful – wouldn’t that put a smile on your face just by using using them? I think we can all agree, that the more we love something the better we treat it regardless of what it is – so in my mind it’s only logical to use items we love in our work spaces and may I just add – essential to our success!

So let me introduce to you “The Pfeiffer Collection by Evernote.” an exclusive collection of accessories in the attempt to bring order to your desktop – available exclusively at Evernote Market.




Many of you are already familiar with Evernote as a productivity app – a place for you to collect all of your information but as of late Evernote has been crossing over to supplying us with tools and accessories that are meant to help us work even more productively. And this is where The Pfeiffer Collection comes in  first of it’s kind, a premium line of desktop accessories designed by Eric Pfeiffer renowned furniture designer known for his iconic bent plywood designs in cooperation with Evernote’s team. Desktop accessories that blend beauty and utility, designed to work together or stand alone sure to bring personal charm and character to any modern office space.


Slotted Cup

SLOTTED CUP – Cut Through The Clutter

This soft-touch plastic cup safely holds anything from business cards to your smartphone while providing spaces for pens and supplies.  The base is made of solid walnut wood that has been protected with a light finish. As with all natural materials, each item will vary from the next both in color and texture of the wood grain. The slotted cup is 4.75 inches high and 3.25 inches deep. Keep your phone safe thanks to the unique slotted design and store items such as your charging cords and flash drives in the hidden compartment of the base of the cup. Also available in Powder Blue, Tangerine and Evernote Green exclusively at Evernote Market.


Slotted Cup


CATCH ALL TRAY b-cat-d-tql-hero-md-a824d475

Catch all those things that get in the way of getting things done. The solid walnut wood tray keeps everyday items within reach.




This solid walnut base was designed to display your tablet at your ideal angle for viewing horizontally or vertically. Includes a place to hold your stylus and a strategically placed channel for your charging cable to travel through and organize desktop accessories to keep everything within reach. Exclusively available at Evernote Market.




Want even more? Check out what else Evernote Market has to offer to enhance your office and your productivity. *Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. My only hope is to share with you beautiful, useful things for your office.

Now it’s your turn. Share below in the comments if you have used the Evernote – Pfeiffer Desktop Collection. Do you love it? Has it been useful? Do you recommend using it to others?

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