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Thinking MeHello and Welcome to “The Office Cure” – Journey to an inspired, beautiful and organized office with a focus on home offices and life. “The Office Cure” is here to provide you with inspiration and a cure to disorganized office spaces that are functionally and aesthetically still stuck in the dark ages.

I’m Nadine McCoy and I am most passionate about carefully, planned office spaces where design, organization and function meet and my mission is simple, for you to love your office that’s it!  That is why in early 2012, I founded Organized Impressions, Office / Life Re-Imagined – A Modern Approach and Timeless Strategies to an Office / Life You Love – A small office organizing and office design studio located in the heart of New Orleans, LA. You will soon see I’m obsessed with all things office and love nothing more than organizing and designing beautiful and inspiring work spaces for my clients and while I love living and working in New Orleans, my heart sometimes still belongs to my two hometowns – Berlin and Nuremberg (I know right – Lucky Me!), two German cities that couldn’t be more different from one another.

I was born and  raised in East Germany to be precise, I hold a Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, I am a Specialist in Wholesale and International Trade and am fluent in German and in English (please forgive a few misspellings here and there.) I am a recipient of the Design and Excellence Award in 2014 from ASID – The American Society of Interior Designers and can also be seen on the home renovation TV show Fix It and Finish It with Antonio Sabato Jr., whereas the lead designer, she transformed a neglected storage area into a beautiful functioning office space.

I have been featured numerous times in “Getting Organized Magazine” the #1 Organizing Magazine in the world and ultimately draw all my inspiration from my life, travel and work experiences where over the years I have cultivated my organizing, design and people skills through living and working on two continents and spending much time in very different office and design settings making me an expert in all things office, office design, paper and time management. As a German,- hard work, organizing and efficiency are in my blood and supporting others while creating beautiful, functional office and work spaces are my passion.

So stick around – enjoy everything “The Office Cure” has to offer, be inspired, and with my help transform your office space to a space you love after all we spend more time in our offices than in our beds!

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